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Who We Are

We’re Wireless and Telecom Technology specialists highly skilled in the field of 5G, IOT, Small Cells and Macro networks with a wide range of experience spanning several decades.

Telecom Global is a team of professionals that love what they do. Our goal is to help your business enterprise be successful in deployment, optimization and management of advanced wireless networks.

"Your Globally Innovative Partners"

Our Expertise

5G and Massive Mimo

We are blazing the trail to provide value with 5G . We provide complete lifecycle support of 5G networks, including network design, network validation, and network optimization.

Core Network

We are well versed in 3GPP’s SAE standards and regularly provide our expertise to design, manage and scale and  various elements in the core.


We are at the forefront of the trend resulting from the explosion of mobile devices and content, server virtualization, and advent of cloud services.

Small Cells

Scale your network efficiently and provide targeted coverage for your customers.  We possess the experience and processes to  design, deploy and manage your small cell systems.


Intelligent investment and deployment of IoT networking technology provides the foundation to implement solutions to solve your challenges today with the ability to evolve as your network or smart city grows and advances.

Analytics and Machine Learning

Our experienced team can provide a flexible solution that is ready for storing, processing and machine learning implementation. We help your team align your hardware and software infrastructure to specific use cases. Go from PoCs to production quickly and painlessly.

Our Solutions

Design and Optimization

Our expertise in designing and optimizing thousands of sites reduces your risk and improves results.

Integration and Commissioning

Draw on our 20+ years of  deep experience to maximize network rollout and commission network elements quicker.

Specialized Training

We don’t just believe in the future of Wireless. We certify it. 

Why Choose Us

We’re a company that brings together highly specialized skills, knowledge, and experienced resources that focuses on customer needs and expectations by leveraging our professional relationships and networks to provide best-qualified resources.

Our diverse range of services enables us to complete projects without the need for a company having to seek multiple development partners. Telecom Global is highly experienced in taking projects throughout the entire process from proof of concept through implementation.

We are extremely focused on adding real business value to our customers through our delivered solutions with impactful measurable results.


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